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The Meat Pies Vancouver Loves

It’s probably the Canadian in all of us, but our customers (and staff) simply love Valley Bakery’s meat pies. Vancouver bakery customers have been flocking to The Valley Bakery for nearly 60 years to experience our award-winning sweets and savoury meat pies. 

There are always those who want to squabble over which is better — the beef or chicken meat pie. We’ve even had several customers (always quietly and secretly) flip-fop on their passionately-stated convictions over the years. As the unabashed arbiters of good taste and the sentinels of savoury satisfaction, we’ve always maintained a very simple position — just get both. Life is simply too short to miss out on our chicken and beef meat pies. Vancouver customer, Laura J., sums it up perfectly when she says, “The meat pies are always amazing.” We agree!

So what makes The Valley Bakery’s meat pies some of the best meat pies in Vancouver and the surrounding areas? Read on to find out!

Locally-Sourced Ingredients

In making some of the most popular meat pies in Vancouver, it only makes sense to use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. By using fresh, local ingredients, we are able to consistently achieve that fresh, savoury, European-style taste that is so beloved by our customers.

Baked Fresh Every Day

When you walk into The Valley Bakery, we want you to have such a great experience, you’ll want to tell your friends, family members, cab driver, life coach — heck, even the guy in the plaid suitcoat with the pink poodle that stands at the corner of Hastings and Willington (but never crosses) — yes, even he deserves to know how tasty our pie-crusted, European-style meat pies are! For this very simple reason, our meat pies are baked fresh every single day.

Tell everyone the meat pie revolution starts now and to come over to The Valley Bakery to experience our savoury European-style chicken and beef meat pies — visit us today!

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